WARNING! - WeatherBeater™ solar pool covers are NOT safety covers & are not meant to bear ANY weight.  Remove and store cover away from pool during any and all swimming activities.


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"About my cover Installed in 2009
Although I have referred to my cover as a solar cover it is not actually the kind that raises the temperature the water to prolong the swimming season. My cover is a heat reflective cover. In Cyprus during the peak summer season you really don’t want the water being heated up. If you take the cover off you lose the benefit of reducing evaporation. So I found a company based in the UK called Plastipack Ltd.  who make a cover designed to reflect the suns rays called CoolGuard so it doesn’t have the effect of heating up the water. It does still have the effect of retaining the ambient temperature of the pool so the water doesn’t cool down much at night. This is good before and after the peak season here but during the hotter months I sometimes leave the cover off at night to let the water cool down a bit.

"After almost 8 years of service it’s time to order another Plastipack (or Geobubble as they call themselves now) CoolGuard cover...The manufacturer says the cover has a life span of only 6 years – I have to disagree, and I don’t exactly look after it!!" 

Please note that we do not endorse storing solar covers without reflective storage sheets that we provide with all cover orders.  Although not encouraged, a CoolGuard™ style cover is the most “forgiving” type when stored without a reflective sheet (they are specifically designed to reflect heat). Other cover styles are just as durable except they must absolutely be covered when removed.  This is actually true of all domestically available solar pool covers.

Update: 2017, 8 years later…
After almost 8 years of service it’s time to order another Plastipack (or Geobubble as they call themselves now) CoolGuard cover. In the last year I think many of the bubbles have become perforated and as a result have taken on water. It still floats OK, reflects the heat and eliminates evaporation but when wound onto the roller it is really heavy and difficult to move. The manufacturer says the cover has a life span of only 6 years – I have to disagree, and I don’t exactly look after it!! I never cover it when it is on the reel and in the winter I just leave it with no chemicals in the pool and let the weather, dirt & grime do it’s worst, only scrubbing it down in the spring. Cyprus summers are harsh to anything left out in the sun, our pool gets no shade and Summer temperatures (in the shade) can be in the 30’s from May through to September/October peaking close to 40 degrees in August.

It is possible that the perforations are a result of general misuse – when I clean it I just lay it on the stone patio and zap it with a high pressure jet washer while walking all over it – not the best way to treat it! I reckon if I’d taken a bit more care of it, it wouldn’t need replacing for another few years. It is also possible that the repeated high speed excursions by cats across the cover may also have had something to do with the recent demise of some of the bubbles!"

Julie - Indiana 

"So far we are extremely happy with our decision to buy the GeoBubble Sol+Guard and feel confident it is going to out-perform every solar cover we have previously purchased. We normally buy the 16 Mil solar covers.  None have come close to looking or feeling as durable as the GeoBubble Solar Cover!  

It arrived promptly, well packaged and in great condition. When we opened the package it contained a box with a reflective over-cover protective sheet, straps to hold cover and protective cover securely on solar reel, warranty, instructions, and care information. Wow, never received anything like that before with any of my other YEARLY solar cover purchases from other manufacturers! It was easily trimmed to fit our pool and the "bubble" shape GeoBubble uses is not like the packaging material "bubble wrap".   

Our pool water has been consistently 70 degrees, but only after 2 days with this solar cover on our pool (both days it has rained, but not all day and the sky has been partly sunny at times) the temperature has raised to 76 degrees, yes, still cold but a 6 degree increase in 2 days with the weather we are having, I think is great!"

Alan - Seattle, WA

“Installed on pool. Shipping came when promised, in perfect shape. "Roll out" deployment instructions on packing much appreciated. Great service..."

customers from Around The World are raving!  

Peter Joyce, Pool Store LTD. 

"...I was delighted, and I have to admit, quite surprised to see that the pool water was absolutely crystal clear, just as I had left it 7 months ago...

Vladi - bordeaux, france

"...I would be happy to recommend a Sol+Guard cover to anyone who wants to heat their pool ecologically and enjoy it much longer during the year." 

Bob Bowles - East Sussex, UK

"...In the spring of 2010 I upgraded my pool cover to a Sol+Guard cover, which has reduced my heating bill by 25%." 

MR. & MRs. Beard - East Sussex, UK

"We are really pleased with our new Sol+Guard cover.  The cover has made a dramatic difference to both speed of heating the water and heat retention."

Our Testimonial

Our most compelling reason to recommend GeoBubble™ technology material is from our own experience which is part of the whole
WeatherBeater™ story.  Our parent company, Colorado Lining International, developed a patented bubble style floating cover system for harsh industrial and municipal applications to save water, energy, protect wildlife and prevent algae growth & bio-fouling. 

Our first systems utilized the finest domestic bubble cover materials available.  Over time, and after significant experience we determined that more durable products were needed from a vendor that would collaborate with us to bring superior materials to market that would also be willing to make product advancements and refinements as a partner.  These requirements were eagerly met when we engaged Platipack, LTD using their industrial grade EvapGuard™ product with GeoBubble technology™.  The rapid result was that after a big year of
sales, sales went mysteriously flat.  We learned that this was due to our customers having a superior product that would survive harsh industrial environments including extreme weather far better than any other products out there. 

As markets grew however we saw a huge up-tic in sales which approaches one million square feet of municipal and industrial GeoBubble™
floating cover installations across the United States.  Our municipal and industrial customers rave about the superiority of these products. 
One company included our GeoBubble™ industrial covers as part of their business plan and they have been installing them coast to coast within the US and Canada.  We have queried them about what they would change about the product if they could and their prompt
response was “nothing”.  When energy sector projects are decommissioned, they harvest these covers that can each be in excess of 22,000 square feet and reuse them again and again after re-packaging and often shipping over vast interstate distances.  This background led us to pursue the swimming pool market with our WeatherBeater™/GeoBubble™ branding.  One could say that we are true believers.