WARNING! - WeatherBeater™ solar pool covers are NOT safety covers & are not meant to bear ANY weight.  Remove and store cover away from pool during any and all swimming activities.

Why use a Solar swimming pool cover?

In short, even our top-shelf cover options can pay for themselves within the first year….here’s how...
Solar Swimming Pool Cover Saves Water


Over 98% of water evaporation is prevented when a swimming pool solar cover is in place.  Solar pool covers also block the effects that wind has on accelerating evaporation.  A 7 mile per hour wind will increase water evaporation by 300%.

Annual evaporation across the U.S. can vary between 3 feet and 6 1/2 feet of water loss per pool pending location.  In an average sized pool measuring 14 feet x 26 feet this loss would translate to between 8,200 and 18,000 gallons of water lost per year.  Higher temperature areas and areas subjected to wind will experience the higher evaporation loss rates.  For an average water consumption household of 400 gallon per day, this adds close to the equivalent of three fourths to one half of water bills per year all due to evaporation.  Over the lifetime of the cover, the water savings can be between 49,000 to 98,000 gallons and the equivalence of 4 to 8 water bills.

Solar Pool Cover Saves Energy


According the United States Department of Energy Americans spend $2.5 billion per year heating private pools.  The D.O.E. also reports that a swimming pool solar cover can reduce energy consumption by over 50%. During the day, a GeoBubble™ cover increases the water temperature by up to 14.4°F (8°C). Depending upon the selected cover option, this is achieved either by the sun’s energy passing through the cover or by energy being absorbed by the material, heating the top layer of the water (which is in direct contact with the cover). Swimming pool solar covers also serve to retain heat at night by acting as an insulator. The insulating property prevents the cooler night air from making direct contact with the water dropping its temperature. The combined advantages of daytime heat generation and nigh-time heat retention dramatically reduce a swimming pool’s energy consumption. Evaporation of water is by far the greatest source of heat loss for swimming pools, accounting for up to 70% of the heat lost according to the D.O.E. and independent university studies.  When in use, a swimming pool solar cover will prevent most all of that loss.  When evaporation is halted the pool stays warmer. Our opaque CoolGuard™ Geobubble™ product offering will allow you to reduce the pump filter time by up to 50%.

Solar Swimming Pool Cover Saves Chemicals


Solar pool covers will reduce chemical consumption by up to 50%. This is due to two key factors: 

1.) Leaves and other debris collect on the covers, not in the pool water where they can feed algae and micro-organisms. Elimination of the debris in the water allows for lower chemical input.

2.) As pool water evaporates, treatment chemicals go with it and typically at an accelerated rate over water vapor alone. Stopping evaporation with a pool solar cover ensures that the chemicals will work more effectively and input can be reduced without impacting water hygiene. A cover also makes maintaining balanced pH levels easier.

Research shows that by using a swimming pool solar cover on an average sized UK pool (14 foot x 26 foot), up to 50% less chemicals are required. This equates to approx. 17.6 lbs. of chlorine.  The U.S. D.O.E. has reached similar conclusions.

when to use a SOLAR pool cover

During pool use season, to realize the maximum benefits of a solar pool cover, be sure to cover the pool whenever it is not in use. Always recover the pool immediately after swimming but never swim in a pool with a cover on or partially on!

environmental benefits of Solar pool covers

With the above energy, water and chemical savings, a cover using GeoBubble™ technology creates a far more eco-friendly pool with a reduced environmental footprint. At the end of its lifespan, GeoBubble™ covers are 100% recyclable (Grade 4 LDPE). GeoBubble™ combined with our high performance ‘Guard’ materials will give a longer lasting cover with the highest energy and resource saving efficiencies available. These materials offer the best solar gain, algae inhibition, or heat reflection benefits to suit your swimming pool needs. Not all swimming pool solar covers are the same. Performance varies depending on the cover type. For the highest performance, opt for premium GeoBubble™ solar swimming pool covers from the Guard range.

Solar bubble swimming pool covers

These are produced using two-ply polyethylene material with color pigments as well as additives and stabilizers to strengthen and protect against UV rays, solar heat and pool chemicals. The bottom layer makes up two thirds of the material and is formed into air cells that allow the cover to float on the water and insulate against colder night-time air temperatures.