WARNING! - WeatherBeater™ solar pool covers are NOT safety covers & are not meant to bear ANY weight.  Remove and store cover away from pool during any and all swimming activities.

The do's and don'ts of Solar pool cover care

Do This For Your Solar Pool Cover...

  • GET A REEL SYSTEM - For ease of use, a good quality reel system is recommended.
  • AIM FOR PERFECT POOL CHEMISTRY - Make sure your pool water is balanced. Learn more
  • REMOVE COVER WHEN "SHOCK DOSED" -  Before shocking, ensure the pool cover is completely removed from the water and replaced only when the chlorine level is back to normal.
  • USE THE SUPPLIED REFLECTIVE STORAGE SHEET - If the solar pool cover is left on a reel or fan folded and exposed to full sunlight for even short periods of time without the protection of a reflective sheet, or storing the cover in the shade if a reel is not used, overheating can occur - thus damaging your cover.
  • INSTALL YOUR SOLAR POOL COVER CORRECTLY - There are a few important steps to follow when you first get your solar pool cover. Learn more about proper installation.
  • WHEN INSTALLING COVER FOR THE FIRST TIME - Be sure to monitor and adjust chemical levels, especially chlorine.  Learn More

Don't Do This...

  • DON'T KEEP CHLORINE LEVELS TOO HIGH - Be aware that covers help conserve chlorine and dosages can typically be reduced between 30-60% otherwise over chlorination will occur.  Test your water to determine the correct new dosage.
  • DON'T OPERATE PUMP & FILTRATION AT THE WRONG TIME OF DAY - Pump and filtration systems should operate during the warmer time of day (10am to 4pm).
  • DON'T EXPOSE IT TO TOO MUCH HEAT WHEN IT IS NOT IN USE - All covers must be stored in a shaded area out of direct sunlight. Never leave a cover in direct sunlight while folded or wound onto a reel.  Always use the supplied reflective storage sheet to shade your solar cover as soon as it is removed from the pool.  
  • NEVER STORE A REMOVED SOLAR POOL COVER ON A LAWN, OR PLANTS as this may cause rapid and serious damage to landscaping.  
  • DON'T EXPOSE YOUR COVER TO HOT WATER temperatures above 90° F may shorten the life of any solar cover regardless of manufacturer origin. If spa or pool temperatures rise above 90° F the cover should be removed and stored as directed. WeatherBeater™ does not warranty the cover if used on spas and or pools in which temperatures exceed 90° F.