WARNING! - WeatherBeater™ solar pool covers are NOT safety covers & are not meant to bear ANY weight.  Remove and store cover away from pool during any and all swimming activities.

Keeps Water Warmer For A Longer Season

Sol+Guard Solar Pool Cover Drawing

Sol+Guard™ is a transparent 20 mil thickness swimming pool solar cover that transmits 80% of the suns visible infrared spectrum energy through to heat both the water and basin of the swimming pool. Tests in cooler northern climates have shown temperature increase of up to 10.8˚F (6˚C) and testimonials from hotter climates estimate up to 14.4˚F (8˚C) above the ambient pool temperature.  Demand for pool heating can be reduced by as much as 70%.


  • Increase Pool Temperature by up to 14.4˚F / 8˚C 
  • GeoBubble™ Technology 
  • Reduces Chemical Consumption Up To 40%
  • Reduces Energy Consumption Up To 70%
  • Reduce Debris Contamination
  • Save Money
  • 6 Year + Expected Lifespan
  • Eliminate Water Evaporation 98% +
Sol+Guard Solar Pool Cover Heats Through Solar Gain

Heats Through Solar Gain

Sol+Guard Solar Pool Cover Eliminates Evaporation

Eliminates Evaporation

Sol+Guard GeoBubble Cover Translucent Material

Translucent Material

Sol+Guard Solar Pool Cover Retains Heat

Retains Heat


Over 98% of water evaporation is prevented when a swimming pool solar cover is in place.  Solar pool covers also block the effects that wind has on accelerating evaporation.  A 7 mile per hour wind will increase water evaporation by 300%. Annual evaporation across the U.S. can vary between 3 feet and 61/2 feet of water loss per pool pending location.  In an average sized pool measuring 14 feet x 26 feet this loss would translate to between 8,168 and 17,698 gallons of water lost per year. Higher temperature areas and areas subjected to wind will experience the higher evaporation loss rates.  For an average water consumption household of 400 gallon per day, this adds close to the equivalent of three fourths to one and one half water bills per year all due to evaporation.  Over the lifetime of the cover, the water savings can be between 49,000 to 98,000 gallons and the equivalence of 4 to 8 water bills.


Sol+Guard™ provides a physical barrier to water and chemical loss through evaporation while also preventing evaporative cooling of the pool.  70% of a swimming pools heat loss is caused by the evaporation process that removes considerable amounts of energy from a body of water.  To illustrate this point, heating one gram of water 1°C requires 1 calorie of energy.  During evaporation, as the same gram phase changes from a liquid to a vapor, 540 calories are consumed resulting in direct heat loss from the swimming pool water.  A Sol+Guard™ cover will prevent 98% of the water and heat loss due to evaporation while helping to maintain a desirable temperature with maximum solar gain.


The advancement of the GeoBubble™ design offers a huge durability advantage coupled with a unique scientifically developed additive package to provide higher performance and longevity of the LDPE 4 polyethylene cover material.  A 6 year prorate basis manufacturer warranty is offered with this cover which is recyclable, sustainable and provides cost savings.


Entrained air cells within the Sol+Guard™ material provides cover buoyancy and insulation.  20% of the heat lost from a swimming pool occurs from radiation.  Through evaporation prevention, insulation and low thermal transmission properties, this cover option help maintain a comfortable swimming environment while protecting natural resources and reducing costs of maintaining a swimming pool.

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