WARNING! - WeatherBeater™ solar pool covers are NOT safety covers & are not meant to bear ANY weight.  Remove and store cover away from pool during any and all swimming activities.

Cool your pool water naturally

CoolGuard Solar Pool Cover Drawing

CoolGuard™ is a 20 mil thickness solar pool cover with a high reflective index blue top surface that minimizes both heat absorption and heat transfer into the pool through the cover material.  An opaque underside prevents solar heat gain by shading the water to maintain a cooler pool temperature.


  • Reduces Peak Water Temperature By Up to 5.4˚F / 3˚C
  • Inhibits Algae Growth
  • Reduces Filtration/Pump Time By Up To 50%
  • Reduces Chemical Consumption by up to 70%
  • Can Be Used In The Winter Time
  • A Sustainable Alternative To Fountains
  • Maintains A Refreshing Swimming Experience
  • Reduces Energy Consumption By Over 50%
  • Eliminates Water Evaporation by 98% +
  • Saves You Money
  • Reduces Debris Contamination 
  • 6 Years + Expected Lifespan
  • Reduces Energy Demand Of Using Chillers
CoolGuard Pool Cover Reflects Solar Energy

Reflects Solar Energy

CoolGuard Solar Pool Cover Prohibits Algae Growth

Prohibits Algae Growth

CoolGuard Solar Pool Cover Eliminates Evaporation

Eliminates Evaporation

CoolGuard Solar Pool Cover Retains Heat

Retains Heat


Over 98% of water evaporation is prevented when a swimming pool solar cover is in place.  Solar pool covers also block the effects that wind has on accelerating evaporation.  A 7 mile per hour wind will increase water evaporation by 300%. Annual evaporation across the U.S. can vary between 3 feet and 61/2 feet of water loss per pool pending location.  In an average sized pool measuring 14 feet x 26 feet this loss would translate to between 8,168 and 17,698 gallons of water lost per year.  Higher temperature areas and areas subjected to wind will experience the higher evaporation loss rates.  For an average water consumption household of 400 gallon per day, this adds close to the equivalent of three fourths to one and one half water bills per year all due to evaporation.  Over the lifetime of the cover, the water savings can be between 49,000 to 98,000 gallons and the equivalence of 4 to 8 water bills.


Solar pool covers will reduce chemical consumption by up to 50%. This is due to two key factors:

1.) Leaves and other debris collect on the covers, not in the pool water where they can feed algae and micro-organisms. Elimination of the debris in the water allows for lower chemical input.

2.) As pool water evaporates, treatment chemicals go with it and typically at an accelerated rate over water vapor alone. Stopping evaporation with a pool cover ensures that the chemicals will work more effectively and input can be reduced without impacting water hygiene. A cover also makes maintaining balanced pH levels easier. Learn more about Pool Chemistry.  

Research shows that by using a swimming solar pool cover on an average sized UK pool (14 foot x 26 foot), up to 50% less chemicals are required. This equates to approx. 17.6 lbs. of chlorine.  The U.S. D.O.E. has reached similar conclusions


The advancement of the GeoBubble™ design offers a huge durability advantage coupled with a unique scientifically developed additive package to provide higher performance and longevity of the LDPE 4 polyethylene cover material.  A 6 year prorate basis manufacturer warranty is offered with this cover which is recyclable, sustainable and provides cost savings.


CoolGuard™ provides a physical barrier to water and chemical loss through evaporation. A CoolGuard™ cover will prevent 98% of the water loss due to evaporation while helping to maintain a desirable temperature with minimal solar gain.

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