WARNING! - WeatherBeater™ solar pool covers are NOT safety covers & are not meant to bear ANY weight.  Remove and store cover away from pool during any and all swimming activities.

about us

The WeatherBeater™ brand is a subsidiary of Colorado Lining International  (or CLI) a renown U.S. plastic lining and floating cover fabrication and installation company founded in 1978. 

CLI has produced over 800 million square feet of fabricated plastic membranes for projects all over the world.  We fabricate Plastipack GeoBubble™ pool cover raw material into swimming pool solar covers at our Texas factory, where we also fabricate Plastipack's EvapGuard™ industrial covers with GeoBubble™ technology under our Hydro-Cap™ label.  

Since its inception in 1999, Plastipack Ltd. matured into a global distributor of pool cover and water-saving materials with a reputation for quality, innovation and dedication to outstanding customer service.  Plastipack has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of swimming pool cover material.


The CLI/Plastipack Ltd. partnership was formed as a result of a global search by CLI to find the best available air-entrained industrial grade cover membrane for our energy and municipal clarifier market segments sold under our Hydro-Cap™ brand.  Our successful use of Plastipack’s robust 20 mil EvapGuard™ made with GeoBubble™ technology product led us to broaden our relationship with Plastipack to include swimming pool floating covers, which we are proudly introducing to the United States. Learn more...read our testimonial.

Now the product that has taken overseas markets by storm is finally available here in North America!
Hydro-Cap™ patent pending floating cover system fabricated from Plastipack Ltd EvapGuard™ with GeoBubble™ technology used in an industrial energy application.

geobubble™ Testing facilities

With an on-going dedication to research, our industry partner Plastipack, LTD who manufactures the GeoBubble™ material that we fabricate into solar pool covers has constructed a cover testing facility which probably represents the first focused evaluation center of its type.  The center features 5 identical sized pools of commercial grade construction measuring 13’ X 26’.  Two of these pools include an insulation layer.  This facility allows for accurate assessments of how their covers affect the environment and how each cover performs compared to its counterparts on real pools with the same location and environmental conditions.  In addition to this, Plastipack routinely engages in public/private collaborative research studies with universities specializing in polymer science and engineering.  One can be assured that information that is garnered in these formats is meaningful and dependable.  This type of forward thinking has resulted in the durable GeoBubble™ shape that minimizes stress and internal pressures within entrained air pockets and cutting edge innovations such as the exclusive EnergyGuard™ selective transmission material that heats water with specific light wavelengths that don’t support algae. 

Our Testimonial

Our most compelling reason to recommend GeoBubble™ technology material is from our own experience which is part of the whole
WeatherBeater™ story.  Our parent company, Colorado Lining International, developed patent pending bubble style floating cover systems for harsh industrial and municipal applications to save water, energy, protect wildlife and prevent algae growth & bio-fouling. 

Our first systems utilized the finest domestic bubble cover materials available.  Over time, and after significant experience we determined that more durable products were needed from a vendor that would collaborate with us to bring superior materials to market that would also be willing to make product advancements and refinements as a partner.  These requirements were eagerly met when we engaged Platipack, LTD using their industrial grade EvapGuard™ product with GeoBubble technology™.  The rapid result was that after a big year of
sales, sales went mysteriously flat.  We learned that this was due to our customers having a superior product that would survive harsh industrial environments including extreme weather far better than any other products out there. 

As markets grew however we saw a huge up-tic in sales which approaches one million square feet of municipal and industrial GeoBubble™
floating cover installations across the United States.  Our municipal and industrial customers rave about the superiority of these products. 
One company included our GeoBubble™ industrial covers as part of their business plan and they have been installing them coast to coast within the US and Canada.  We have queried them about what they would change about the product if they could and their prompt
response was “nothing”.  When energy sector projects are decommissioned, they harvest these covers that can each be in excess of 22,000 square feet and reuse them again and again after re-packaging and often shipping over vast interstate distances.  This background led us to pursue the swimming pool market with our WeatherBeater™/GeoBubble™ branding.  One could say that we are true believers.